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Saturday, 15 June 2013

GKSC on StormFall



 These Rules are subject to change as needs require. 
 If you disagree with any changes, we can discuss why they are needed. 

 1)   Treat fellow League Members with RESPECT.  We are on the same team. 
 2)   Do not attack other Players that are in OTHER LEAGUES
       We are not ready for Warring yet, and are trying to build SOCIALLY
 3)   Listen to League Officials.   Any Disputes, mail Me or Brian. 
 4)   Communicate with fellow League Members.   Any information is still information. 
 5)   Help others if you can, but for now, focus on preparing yourselves. 
 6)   Offer Peace if you can.   War to defend our own (or farm inactive players).
 7)   Do not 'HARRASS' low level players, and be submissive should they message you. 
 8)   As a member of GKSC, you are representing a Pre-Existing Gaming community. 
       I lose patience when people try to trash our reputation.   We act with principle. 

These rules are a FIRST DRAFT, and will most likely be amended.

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