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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Advice Section

I will post any Tips or Tutorials that I find/learn here.

The Link has been posted further down this page, under the sub-header: 'Where Can I Find StormFall Help'.

 How to Besiege another Players Castle: 
 (There are variations. Do what you think is best) 

 Find your Targets Castle on the 'MAP
 Hover your cursor over the Targets Castle, then Click 'BESIEGE
 Send out an Offensive force to take down any Defenses at the Targets Castle, 
 but include a few Defensive Units in your Siege Force. 
 Once you have beaten the Defenses (If any)... 
 Go to your castle... 
 Click on your 'KEEP'... 
 Click on the 'GARRISONS' Tab... 
 'RECALL' all of your Offensive Units from the Besieged Castle. 
 Whilst on the 'GARRISONS' tab of your 'KEEP', 
 Choose which 'RESOURCE' you wish to collect from the Besieged Castle. 

 To harvest the 'RESOURCE' from the Besieged Castle... 
 Go to your Castle, 
 Click on your 'KEEP
 Click on the 'FIEFS' tab, 
 Then click 'COLLECT'. 

 How to LIBERATE yourself from a Siege. 

 Go to your Castle, 
 Look to the TOP LEFT of your screen, 
 You should see the Attackers name? 
 Hover your cursor over the Attackers name... 
 Use an OFFENSIVE force to break free. 
 You can ask a Friend/Ally to LIBERATE you. 

 Preserve Your Army! 

 Always return your OFFENSIVE UNITS to your CATACOMBS before you log out. 
 This way, if you are attacked whilst away from the game, 
 Your OFFENSIVE army will not be be wiped out in your absence! 

 Think you will lose the incoming Attack?... 
 If you have an incoming Raid or Siege, and you are certain you will lose... 
 Send ALL of your units to your Catacombs. 
 This way, your army will survive, and you will only lose Resources. 

 You can also consider reinforcing a Non-Combat castle to ensure you Troops Survival. 
 Send out a well-timed RAID, so as the Troops return after the incoming attack. 

 Obelisk Of Power: 


 The Obelisk Of Power is for upgrading your Units Speed and Unit Build Speed.
 Unlock the different Unit Types as you progress through the Technology Tree... 
(To Upgrade Units Strength/Defense... Look into the 'Lost Arts')

 Click on the Obelisk Of Power... 
 Initially there is only one icon that you can spend your SKULL RUNE on... 
 Unit Group 1 
 It will need to be upgraded TWICE (2x Skull Runes) to unlock that group of units. 
 Once the group is unlocked... 
 It will become clearer. 
 Use a SKULL RUNE for each upgrade. 
 Unlocking Unit Groups may require multiple upgrades. 

 You have the ability to REASSIGN the Skull Runes... 
    BUT ONLY ONCE!         So Choose wisely 

 Aim to unlock 'FOOD CUMSUMPTION'. 
 Work your way down the Reseach Tree following ONLY the Centre Line, 
 Upgrading only to the mimimum requirement to unlock the next. 
 Once you unlock 'FOOD CONSUMPTION', max it out to level 80. 

 Moving Buildings Around Your Castle: 

 Enter your Castle...
 Underneath your SAPPHIRES... 
 You will see FIVE OPTIONS... 
 The TOP OPTION is called EDIT 
 Click EDIT 
 Click somewhere on your castle grounds (to interact with that page)
 Click on the Building you wish to move... 
 A little BOX MENU will appear, click to MOVE/ROTATE 
 Click where you want the Building. 
 Easy Peasy 

 Summoning Wraiths: 

 So your new friend sent you a Facebook Friends Request... 
 How do you get your Wraith?
RELOAD StormFall  (Hit the Refresh Button) 
 Go to the new friends Castle... 
 You should see a circular token above their CRYPT
 Click that, then return to your Castle. 
 Click on your CRYPT, and click to SUMMON the WRAITH

 Construction > Improvements...
If you buy a Sarcophagus for 200 Sapphires
you will get +1 Soul (Summoning Power) to Summon another Wraith.

 Trade / Market: 

 Upgrade your MARKET to increase the number of CARAVANS you have available. 
 Upgrade your THIEVES GUILD to increase the carrying CAPACITY of your CARAVANS

 Building Castle Walls: 

 There is a Task/Mission to 'BUILD WALLS'. 
 For this mission only, you will get a 50% discount. 
 Walls are normally 50 Sapphires per Wall. 
 For the task ONLY, they are 25 Sapphires per Wall. 

 Save the Task for when you have enough Sapphires to build ALL your Walls. 

 80 x 80 Castle... 
 Multiplied by 25 Sapphires per Wall... 
 (79 x 4) x 25     = 7900 Sapphires 
 Multiplied by 50 Sapphires per Wall... 
 (79 x 4) x 50     = 15,800 Sapphires 
(NB: This may not be the mathematical equation in use! It's purely an EXAMPLE!) 

If you Build Level 1 Walls, you can 'UPGRADE' them later after unlocking level 2 Fortifications.
I do not know the cost of this yet, but I will post once I do.

 Where Can I Find StormFall Help?: 

 Here is a list of Information Sources I have found so far. 
 Hope it helps (If you can't find your answer here) 


 StormFall WIKI

Stormfall Timeline (Facebook):

 Stormfall Database:



 I will add more in time, but they're all as much help as one another. 
 If you spot any errors on here/Something not quite right?... 
 PLEASE let me know. It's not my intention to pump out incorrect information. 

 Random Notes: 


 Level  1     -     
 Level  2     -     
 Level  3     -     
 Level  4     -     
 Level  5     -       66  Food Production  (p/h) 
 Level  6     -     100  Food Production  (p/h) 
 Level  7     -     140  Food Production  (p/h) 
 Level  8     -     200  Food Production  (p/h) 
 Level  9     -     290  Food Production  (p/h) 
 Level 10     -    400  Food Production  (p/h) 
 Level 11     -    560  Food Production  (p/h) 
 Level 12     -     
 Level 13     -     
 Level 14     -     

 Level  1     -     
 Level  2     -     
 Level  3     -     
 Level  4     -     
 Level  5     -        66  Iron Production  (p/h) 
 Level  6     -      100  Iron Production  (p/h) 
 Level  7     -      120  Iron Production  (p/h) 
 Level  8     -      140  Iron Production  (p/h) 
 Level  9     -      160  Iron Production  (p/h) 
 Level 10     -     180  Iron Production  (p/h) 
 Level 11     -     200  Iron Production  (p/h) 
 Level 12     -     220  Iron Production  (p/h) 
 Level 13     -     
 Level 14     -     

 Level  1     -     
 Level  2     -     
 Level  3     -     
 Level  4     -     
 Level  5     -        66  Gold Production  (p/h) 
 Level  6     -      100  Gold Production  (p/h) 
 Level  7     -      120  Gold Production  (p/h) 
 Level  8     -      140  Gold Production  (p/h) 
 Level  9     -      160  Gold Production  (p/h) 
 Level 10     -     180  Gold Production  (p/h) 
 Level 11     -     
 Level 12     -     
 Level 13     -     
 Level 14     -     


 Level  6       =      4,576   Food Capacity. 
 Level  7       =                                        
 Level  8       =      7,150   Food Capacity. 
 Level  9       =      8,800   Food Capacity. 
 Level 10      =     10,813   Food Capacity. 
 Level 11     =                                         
 Level 12      =     16,126  Food Capacity. 
 Level 13      =     19,612  Food Capacity. 
 Level 14      =     23,737  Food Capacity. 
 Level 15      =     28,692  Food Capacity. 
 Level 16      =     34,738  Food Capacity. 
 Level 17      =     41,888  Food Capacity. 
 Level 18      =     50,500  Food Capacity. 

 Level  8       =       7,150   Gold/Iron Capacity. 
 Level  9       =                                                
 Level 10      =                                                
 Level 11      =                                                
 Level 12      =                                                
 Level 13      =                                                
 Level 14      =      24,737   Gold/Iron Capacity. 
 Level 15      =      28,692   Gold/Iron Capacity. 
 Level 16      =      34,738   Gold/Iron Capacity. 
 Level 17      =      41,888   Gold/Iron Capacity. 
 Level 18      =      50,500   Gold/Iron Capacity. 
 Level 19      =      60,863   Gold/Iron Capacity. 


 Level  4       =       5  Caravans. 
 Level  5       =       6  Caravans. 
 Level  6      =        7  Caravans. 
 Level  7      =        8  Caravans. 
 Level  8      =        9  Caravans. 
 Level  9      =       10 Caravans. 
 Level 10      =                           
 Level 11      =                           

 Level  4       =        5  Alliances.             
 Level  5       =        6  Alliances.   (MAX) 

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  1. Occult lost arts is most important because it opens a new queue for troop production.


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